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Dynamic Biogas is the developer of proprietary technology used in the construction of the world’s most advanced biomass-to-energy systems, approaching 100% efficiency in terms of gas yield and electrical output.


Biogas/electrical plants are a complex of buildings and devices: storage system, feed path, extruder, pre-fermentation accelerator, fermentation tanks, co-generator, transformer

  • High-quality, methane-rich gas is used for the generation of electricity or for conversion to propane/LNG, with by-products of residual heat, and fertilizer.
  • Reduction of greenhouse gases by replacing fossil fuels.
  • Deodorization of organic waste from farming and agriculture.
  • Elimination of weed seeds captured in the process.
  • Processing organic compounds in the simple mineral form helps absorption of nutrients by plants. Natural circulation of organic matter through the use of post-fermentation liquid (or dry fraction) as a high-grade fertilizer.
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