Dynamic Biogas® Agricultural Biogas Plant

DBT (Dynamic Biogas® Technology) agricultural biogas plants are the world's most advanced systems for creating electricity from the fermentation of wide range organic materials.

Seven international patents - developed over decades of experimentation - combine to maximize the yield of biogas with higher methane content for efficient use in on-site power generation.

Schematic of a Dynamic Biogas AD plant

DBT® processes are at work during every stage of biogas production. After initial pre-processing, the input substrates are moved into the initial phase of dynamic decay involving specialized bacteria in a separate Biotechnological Processes Accelerator® (BPA), which assists in radically reducing of fermentation time.

The methanogenesis process is then concluded in steel tanks with another unique development: vertically-centralized hydro-pneumatic mixers, which optimize the conditions for the development of methane bacteria while minimizing the electrical power required for the mixing (much lower requirement than traditional technologies).

DBT® biogas plants are designed to use a very wide range of substrates in fermentation process - almost all agricultural products and food-industry waste. They are simple to operate and require little specialized training due to a high level of automation.

Installation of DBT® biogas plants is a fast and efficient process. Pre-fabricated elements are transported directly from our factories in Europe to the building site in shipping containers. Construction time will depend on the size of the plant, and will range usually from three to eight weeks.

Start-up time with DBT® biogas plants is shortened considerably (a few weeks rather than months) because of our heat-resistant steel tanks.

The installations are also removable, and can be disassembled and transported to other locations should the need arise.